June 15, 2020 Print

Virtual events are growing in popularity, especially as the pandemic has made in-person events nearly impossible to hold. The Israeli Freedom Movement, an Atlas Network partner, was set to host the 2020 Israeli Freedom Conference on April 2, which was subsequently changed to a series of online events and mini-conferences. They were streamed on Radio Tel Aviv, a popular Israeli station with over 26,000 listeners per hour, many of whom were unfamiliar with the organizations and their ideas.

The mini-conferences, which racked up 680 online visitors from 22 different countries, included prominent economic and political figures throughout the region who spoke on property rights, the role of deregulation, and the importance of respecting the individual.

One of the mini conferences, titled “Freedom & Corona, Liberty during Crisis”, featured Atlas Network’s Dr. Tom Palmer and was hailed by Boaz Arad, director of the Ayn Rand Center, as an  “international highlight of the conference.” This mini-conference provided a place to discuss the potential consequences of the pandemic and consider new opportunities to advance liberty, even in uncertain times.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the experts through question and answer portions of each mini-conference. To date, more than 42,000 people have listened or viewed the conference and there have been over 1,200 downloads of segments from the conference in podcast format. The organization is now moving towards a new online series, “Zoom for Freedom,” which uses the same mini-conference format to consistently engage a growing audience with the message of liberty.

The Israeli Freedom Movement received an Atlas Network grant to help facilitate the conference.