May 18, 2018 Print

Earlier this month, the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) launched a new project to promote democracy, liberty, and tolerance, while opposing radicalism in order to bring peace and prosperity to the country. The initiative, called the “Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan,”  is a nationwide project with goals of empowering the next generation of citizens to better understand liberal values, democracy in action, and solving problems with approaches implicit in these values.

“This project has many programs and parts and we are sure that it will lead the young generation of Afghanistan toward a free and prosperous society,” said Khalid Ramizy, general director of AELSO. “We invite the young generation of the country to join with this Caravan and take part as much as they can to become positive change makers.”

AELSO General Director Khalid Ramizy speaks at the launch of the Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan on May 2, 2018.

A ceremony held on May 2 brought together AELSO’s staff, board, volunteers, and international guest, Mrs. Li Schoolland from Acton Institute, who spoke to the importance of empowering young people in the country. Over 385 young individuals from across Afghanistan have already joined the Caravan and will work with AELSO to promote the ideas of a free society throughout the country.

Li Schoolland, director of external relations – Asia Pacific at Acton Institute, attended the ceremony launching the Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan.

“As the founder of AELSO, I am really happy and proud that AELSO is now the leading libertarian think tank of Afghanistan and has many great projects such as ‘Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan’ and ‘Silk Road Station’ that can educate the Afghan nation about classical liberalism,” said Prof. Mohammad Abul Ahrar, founder of AELSO. “We are committed to work harder in order to have a better future, where every citizen of Afghanistan enjoys sustained peace, prosperity, and liberty.”

AELSO is the winner of Atlas Network’s 2018 Asia Liberty Award and received a grant from Atlas Network in support of the Tolerance and Prosperity Caravan project.