November 8, 2017 Print

The winner of Atlas Network’s 2017 Think Tank Shark Tank competition is Alexandre Pesey, founder of Institut de Formation Politique (France), for his pitch to create a civic incubator (“The incubator Le Coquetier”) designed to identify, select, train, coach, and guide intellectual entrepreneurs across France. Through the project, the organization plans to incubate and grow 10 organizations to advance liberty in France.

“The biggest challenge that the Cocquetier faces is simply that the French people believe that the government’s role is to take care of them as well as everyone else. That is their idea of generosity,” said Pesey. “The biggest fight our organization has is to convince the population that we will be a more prosperous and healthy country by leaving the money in the pockets of those who have earned it rather than lining the pockets of big government.”

With unemployment in France reaching 10 percent, its public spending is currently at 56 percent of its GDP and 25 percent of its working population works for the public sector.

“The Cocquetier allows civil society to meet capitalism,” continued Pesey.” We help young dynamic entrepreneurs achieve their goals. We give them the help that a university does not. From experts and leading businessmen and women, our organization gives the tools needed for their success. From business planning to financing and launching, we are there. They also gain precious access to a network of support, not just from us, but from other young entrepreneurs past and present who share their experiences.”

Thanks in large part to the work of groups like Contribuables Associés, Fondation iFRAP, Institut des Libertés, and Institut de Formation Politique, the French people are now beginning to question their government’s levels of taxation and public expenditures.

“In short, our goal is to multiply the number and effectiveness of intellectual entrepreneurs engaged for freedom,” concluded Pesey. “Through the success of these liberty driven businesses and non-profits, we will have the ability to reach throughout France and have a positive impact on the mindset of people and of policies. [We] prove that, by investing more in entrepreneurs instead of big government, France is much better off.”

In Atlas Network’s Think Tank Shark Tank competition, three graduates of Atlas Network’s training program, Atlas Leadership Academy, compete in a showcase of the worldwide freedom movement's most exciting new projects. Pesey, chosen as the winner by a panel of judges comprised of thought leaders in the industry, will receive a $25,000 prize in project seed-funding. The other finalists were Melissa Mann, director of development for Reason Foundation (United States), and Bican Şahin, chairman of Freedom Research Association (Turkey).

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