June 12, 2019 Print

The Bastiat Society of Venezuela is accepting submissions for their annual Bastiat Essay Contest, which encourages writers to address themes related to the free market ideas of French economist Frédéric Bastiat. The contest is sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research, an Atlas Network partner. 

The Bastiat Society of Venezuela seeks to inspire younger generations to express themselves in the fight for freedom, educate the general public about the principles of liberty, and develop talented writers in the face of the country’s socialist regime. “Bastiat was a great thinker and a fervent defender of the ideas of freedom,” said co-director Luis Lopez. “Through this essay contest, we want to make his character, but especially his bright ideas, known to new generations.” 

The contest welcomes students and young professionals up to 40 years old. Candidates must write an essay in Spanish (5,000 words minimum) in defense of individual rights and small government. The judges will award three prizes: 90 USD for first place, 40 USD for second place, and 20 USD for third place. 

“We make an average of 2 appearances in radio every week and 2 in TV every year, and we also speak as guests in one international conference every year to spread liberty ideas as well,” commented co-director Leonardo Brito. “This is the way you actually move the Overton Window. We’ll see the results in the long term.”