July 16, 2018 Print

Wedding political theory and practice is no easy task, especially for those from countries unfamiliar with the tradition of liberty. Fortunately, two Atlas Network partners, Language of Liberty Institute (LLI) and Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation (FEF) have successfully united the two through Project Arizona (PA).

Project Arizona brings young people from around the world to the U.S. state of Arizona to participate in a three-month-long educational program. The program consists of an internship, courses at Arizona State University’s Center for Political Leadership and Thought, and a wide range of professional development and networking events. Through the project, LLI and FEF have furthered serious growth in young leaders, giving them the skills and outlook needed to aid the global advancement of freedom.

Project Arizona with Jeffrey Tucker At Arizona Freedom Summit.

“Project Arizona is the biggest adventure of my whole life,” said Karolina Kowacka, a Polish participant from 2018. “Wonderful people, beautiful places, a big collection of memories, and new opportunities. Thanks to PA, I am much more open-minded. Recently I received a scholarship to attend FEECon in Atlanta. It was tremendous! The lectures and panels were so interesting that I did not know what to choose. I am also going to attend the Liberty International World Summit in Krakow in August. My life is all about liberty now!”

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“Now I am back in Georgia, working, studying, spending time with my friends, and enjoying the present,” said Nutsa Mzhavanadze, a Georgian participant from 2017. “At first, things did not change dramatically in my life and surroundings, but this is not true. I am a better version of myself — I found a new me thanks to Project Arizona. This is why you guys have to try Project Arizona once in your life. It is definitely worth doing!”

Project Arizona in State's Senate building.

Project Arizona is currently seeking applications, and the deadline to apply is August 20.

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