May 16, 2016 Print

In order to produce and promote the most rigorous research and advance the ideas of liberty, think tanks need the most effective tools at their disposal. Atlas Leadership Academy’s Think Tank Leadership Training (TTLT) is a course on think tank management for individuals interested in learning the latest in strategic planning, fundraising, communications, and measurement from leaders within the free-market movement. Its two-day schedule of lectures and interactive workshops is designed to provide practical and immediately applicable tools for participants to bring back to their organizations. The 2016 TTLT will take place from Sept. 20–23 in Miami, Fla., and applications are due by May 20. Thanks to the generosity of Atlas Network donors, all registration and program costs, as well as shared accommodations, are covered by Atlas Network for accepted program applicants.

“The training I received has help me to better identify and interview applicants for open positions, strategize our one year policy plan where we'll be focusing our attention, and messaging our primary policies in ways that will gain increased support,” said Connor Boyack president of Utah-based Atlas Network partner Libertas Institute, about his experience with the 2015 TTLT program.

Staff members at every level of think tank operations can benefit from the intensive training program that TTLT provides, including new think tank leaders, new staff at established think tanks, and mid-level staff at established think tanks.

“The focus on metrics and goals has helped me a lot to kick-start my time here at the IEA,” said Kate Andrews, news editor at London-based Atlas Network partner the Institute of Economic Affairs. “As my job now involves managing our digital strategy, I am completely 'metrics-focused.' I am working to push our team to set objectives and goals to measure our work. Even if we fail to meet our targets, the Leadership programme helped to teach me the value of setting targets in the first place, so you accurately assess where you had success and where there is need for improvement.”

The focus during TTLT on program management, strategic planning, fundraising, marketing and communications strategies, project management, and measurement metrics from established leaders in free-market think tanks gives training participants an array of new skills and a window into how the most successful organizations operate.

“I have used a lot of the planning techniques I learned to organize my work,” said Jeff Bowes, research director with Atlas Network partner the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “With so many ongoing projects, thinking about what outcomes I'm working towards and their strategic and branding importance has been very helpful. Since my work is in a support role I have struggled to find measurables. However, accuracy and reliability are the most important aspects of my work and they have improved.”