July 21, 2015 Print

In terms of economic freedom, Latin American belong to the same authoritarian category as countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and North Korea? What does Latin America need to become as prosperous once again as it was in the past? The answer is more economic freedom, not more regulations, explains “For the Love of Liberty,” the first installment in a new video series produced by Libertad y Progreso, an Atlas Network partner in Argentina.

The series, “Aprender Volando” (“Crash Courses in Liberty”), aims to educate audiences about the benefits of economic freedom. Libertad y Progreso received funding for this project after coming in at second place in Atlas Network’s Think Tank Shark Tank competition at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner in 2014.

The second video in the series, “Republicanism Vs. Populism,” explains how populist leaders create a polarized society in which the rule of men supersedes the rule of law. This in turn leads to corruption, cronyism, and economic underdevelopment — condemning the country to an eternal poverty cycle and weak institutions. Those same populist leaders use the deteriorating conditions as a strawman to blame for the failures of the country, further polarizing their population. This destructive cycle runs contrary to the hallmarks of a prosperous economy, which relies on checks and balances within a market system based on cooperation, competition, and self-reliance. Together, these factors lift people out of poverty and provide greater choice.

Both of the first two videos in the “Crash Courses in Liberty” series have been widely viewed so far, with “For the Love of Liberty,” netting more than 40,000 views, and “Republicanism Vs. Populism” with more than 360,000.

Watch “For the Love of Liberty” (video in Spanish).

Watch “Republicanism Vs. Populism” (video in Spanish).