June 25, 2014 Print

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, liberty’s next generation is learning about the basics of political economy, the current economic problems of today and monetary issues facing the country and the world. Atlas Network partner Association “Multi”, in collaboration with its partners, held three “Catallaxy” seminars this month in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica. These were the first seminars of their kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The seminars began with lessons on wider economic issues before covering the monetary sphere. The last part of the seminars was devoted to a discussion of common problems of the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

More than 60 young people, mainly students, attended the seminar. They received certificates of participation and the book “Why Liberty”, edited by Atlas Network’s Dr. Tom Palmer, which outlines the ideas of economic liberalism. After the summer break, “Multi” will offer a new series of “Catallaxy” seminars, while also preparing the organization of the Academy of Liberal Economics.