April 4, 2019 Print

Goote, Mann, Compton to take on new roles

[ARLINGTON, VA – April 4, 2019] – Atlas Network is pleased to announce that Chad Goote is joining the organization as Vice President of Development. Goote is currently serving as Vice President of Advancement at Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA), a Florida-based think tank and Atlas Network partner. He will join Atlas Network on May 1.

Goote joined FGA very early after its founding and has worked closely with innovative founder Tarren Bragdon to grow the organization from a $700,000 annual budget to $12 million in 6 short years. Because of its impressive impact, Atlas Network has both supported FGA as well as solicited its expertise on countless occasions for the benefit of peer exchange throughout the global network.

“Chad is a great advocate for the ideas of liberty and we’re thrilled he’ll be joining our energetic team,” said Brad Lips, CEO of Atlas Network. “He is joining us at a very exciting time when so many new audiences are seeing the impact of our investments in freedom and opportunity throughout the world.”

Goote has always had a passion for international work, having spent many years traveling and volunteering around the globe. “Not very often is a person able to marry their personal passion with work. I am incredibly excited to join an organization that is focused on freedom and liberty around the world,” explained Goote.

Atlas Network is also pleased to announce Melissa Mann has been named Vice President of Communications, and Dan Compton will be leading a new department of his own design as Managing Director of Information Systems, with a team of top-notch data systems, marketing, and programming experts.

“All of these changes represent our organizational growth and maturity as we are continually looking for ways to achieve even more in better, more focused ways,” explained Atlas Network President Matt Warner. “We are combining creative leadership, data-driven marketing, and high-profile engagement with supporters and stakeholders all in the name of really doing justice to the inspiring achievements of our grantees and partners.”

For a current listing of Atlas Network’s staff, visit AtlasNetwork.org/people.

Starting May 1, Chad can be reached at Chad.Goote@AtlasNetwork.org. For questions before then or to learn more about Atlas Network, email Melissa.Mann@AtlasNetwork.org.