November 25, 2014 Print

Atlas Network is proud to support our 460+ partners around the world who are doing great work to promote freedom. Partnership with Atlas Network includes the opportunity to apply for grants that can help you further your mission. We want to remind you that the deadline is Monday, December 1 for the below six grants.
General Grant
Atlas Network offers a variety of grant opportunities to partners in our network. Before applying for a general grant, please be sure to review all opportunities listed on our grants page to see if your request matches one of those opportunities.  

Promoting Economic Freedom
The Promoting Economic Freedom grant program focuses on supporting Atlas Network partners who are operating in very difficult territories as measured by economic freedom. If your country scores lower than 6.35 (out of 10) in the latest edition of the Economic Freedom of the World index produced by the Fraser Institute in Canada you are eligible to apply for this program. Applications for countries outside this range will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Atlas Network Book Translations
Are you looking for more pro-liberty materials to make available to your target audiences in local languages? Atlas Network offers nonexclusive translation and publishing rights for many of its original books and compilations. Some examples include The Morality of Capitalism, After the Welfare State, and the new Peace, Love, and Liberty. If you’d like to translate and/or republish any of these works to spread these ideas and increase the visibility and branding for your organization, apply for this grant opportunity.

International Student Grants
Atlas Network works closely with and supports Students for Liberty, particularly in identifying and developing new student leaders and networks internationally. As part of this effort, we offer modest grant opportunities for dynamic and ambitious student programs and projects designed to make a big difference in educating, organizing and cultivating the next generation of think tank leaders.
Student chapters, networks of student chapters and think tanks with substantial student outreach programming are eligible to apply. This particular grant opportunity is limited to non-U.S. applicants only.
Sound Money Project
The Sound Money Project believes that an enlightened citizenship, aware of the immorality of the state manipulating money and credit, is the most secure barrier against the destruction of our assets. As part of its mission the project sponsors conferences or event on Sound Money topics including, but not restricted to, the federal reserve, the gold standard, free banking, monetary policy, inflation, etc. This grant can allow your think tank or university-based center to conduct a seminar or conference on Sound Money.

Think Tank Start Up Fund
Part of the Atlas Network strategy is to help new think tank leaders found and grow new organizations committed to advancing liberty. We do this through a combination of grants, training and networking opportunities. If your organization is just getting started or working to rejuvenate itself, we invite you to apply for support from our Think Tank Start Up Fund.
If you have any questions, please contact Gonzalo Schwarz, Director of Grants and Awards, at