January 19, 2018 Print

Atlas Network is excited to announce that Dr. Lyall Swim joined the organization this January as Director of Training. In Dr. Swim’s role he will lead and manage the growth of Atlas Network’s robust suite of training and leadership development opportunities for our more than 475 partners in over 90 countries.

“The strength of the freedom movement is only as powerful and impactful as the quality and capability of the people engaged in this work,” said Dr. Swim. “Because of Atlas Network’s emphasis on a ‘coach’ strategy, our partners can leverage Atlas Network’s growing suite of high quality training programs to ensure that their people, who are doing tremendous work on the front lines of liberty, have the tools, knowledge, and capability they need to achieve the kinds of outcomes that will break down barriers to prosperity and opportunity.”

Prior to joining Atlas Network, Dr. Swim ran a successful consulting practice that provided operational, leadership, and strategy consulting for start-up firms. He also facilitated online and in-person trainings for more than 20,000 adult learners for a wide range of government, non-profit and business organizations. He holds an Ed.D. in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University and an MBA and BA in communications, both from Brigham Young University.

Dr. Swim has a passion for Atlas Network’s mission, and he has a strong vision for our training programs. Adding him to the team positions Atlas Network’s Leadership Academy to build on past training success and to deliver best-in-class training programs for Atlas Network partners in the years to come!

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Connect with him on twitter here: @lyallswim