August 23, 2016 Print

Atlas Network’s new stories page provides an enveloping digital experience on both desktop and mobile browsers, with narratives that tell the inspiring stories of how Atlas Network partners on the ground are having a real impact around the world. The first stories page features our first feature-length narrative: “Brazil’s Ideological Crossroads: Menos Marx; Mais Mises,” written by Eric D. Dixon.

“This type of optimistic, robust, feature-length content is really resonating with people,” said Daniel Anthony, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Atlas Network. “We’re seeing more traffic to this page than any of our other regularly published online content, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Brazil has gotten a lot of bad press in the spotlight of the Olympics lately, so we knew just how important it would be to highlight that there’s actually a sophisticated network of think tanks having a positive impact there. Our job here at Atlas Network is to be freedom’s champion. That’s why we developed this stories page, to celebrate the impact our partners are having. And in Brazil, they’re making a real difference.”

To create this vivid new format for feature-length storytelling, Atlas Network enlisted the technical expertise of Killswitch Collective, a next-generation, digital and creative agency based in Austin, Texas.

“Meredith and Andreas of Killswitch Collective and I have been talking about this idea for some time now, but we never felt we had the right story with which to launch it,” Anthony said. “But when we read the Brazil narrative it was instant: this is the right story. Seeing the photos of the mass protests, and hearing about how passionate these young people were about fighting for their freedom, it still amazes me how much incredible work our partners are doing down there.”

“I’m so proud of our marketing & communications team that put this together,” said Brazil native and Atlas Network Associate Director of Programs Elisa Lucena Martins. “They did this story justice: they hired one of the best digital/creative agencies and they poured their hearts into this project. It turned into an enveloping experience that tells the story of how Atlas Network partners on the ground in Brazil are leading the charge to bring real, long-term change to a country that for so long has suffered so much. It tells the story of how the winds in Brazil are changing.”

Stay tuned for Atlas Network's next stories page feature-length narrative, written by Casey Pifer, to be launched in September: “Almost Heaven: Will It Take a Miracle to Fix West Virginia, or Just a Think Tank?”