February 10, 2020 Print

At LibertyCon 2020 there will be featured presentations from Atlas Network’s Dr. Tom G. Palmer, Executive Vice President for International Programs; George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty, and Magatte Wade, Director of Atlas Network’s Center for African Prosperity, as well as CEO Brad Lips, and President Matt Warner.

This year’s LibertyCon will highlight Atlas Network’s Poverty & Freedom initiative which tells the stories of everyday people from around the world whose lives are being improved through increased opportunities thanks to the work of local, market-oriented think tanks. You’ll also have the chance to hear an update about Atlas Network’s Center for Latin America. Brad Lips will also be presenting a special look at his new book showcasing the history of the Liberty Movement.

Atlas Network will be the presenting sponsor at the annual LibertyCon, being held April 3rd to the 5th in Washington, DC and hosted by Students for Liberty. Click here to register. For additional information, please email al.canata@atlasnetwork.org