January 28, 2019 Print

LibertyCon is where ideas are incubated and brought to life. With access to world-class speakers, inspiring panels, and workshops — at LibertyCon, “knowledge sharing” is more than a buzzword. LibertyCon 2019, hosted in Washington D.C. on January 17–19, kicked off with educational breakout sessions on “conscious capitalism,” the phenomena of fake news, the pitfalls of socialism, and much more.

Hundreds of students and sponsors from around the globe gathered in excitement to experience the multitude of activities that LibertyCon has to offer. The conference was also swarmed with stellar speakers including Steve Forbes, Rupert Boneham, Gloria Álvarez, and many more prominent individuals. Atlas Network’s Executive Vice President for International Programs George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty, Tom Palmer, delivered a speech titled “Us vs. Them. Hatred Leads to Collectivism,” discussing the impact that emotions and mental attitudes can have either on the dissemination of liberty or its downfall. He spoke further on why hatred is a political motivation that inevitably leads to collectivism and why individuals changing the way they use their emotions to drive their political dispositions is important to the overall happiness of society — no matter what end of the spectrum they fall on.

Atlas Network was a proud sponsor of this conference, hosted by Students for Liberty (SFL). LibertyCon also provides the opportunity for one to make valuable, long-lasting contacts and develop relationships with liberty-lovers of all ages, from around the globe.

LibertyCon was covered by C-SPAN for the first time, the video can be seen here.