July 25, 2014 Print

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty earned a write-up in The Washington Post as a "powerhouse" legal firm weeks after its victory in the Hobby Lobby case. The article explains Becket's commitment to defending “all denominations, from 'A to Z, from Anglicans to Zoroastrians.'”  The article quotes the Fund's founder, Seamus Hasson, from a 2012 speech at Heritage Foundation: "We need to defend the rights of other people who believe in something — even if we think they believe in the wrong thing... In so doing, we are sticking up for all believers against the nihilists. We are standing tall for those who are convinced there is a truth, against those who are opposed to the very idea of anybody making truth claims in public.” Becket touts an 87 percent success rate in the 170 cases it has taken pro bono since its 1994 founding.