May 8, 2020 Print

Bikalpa, an Alternative, an Atlas Network partner based in Nepal, has expanded the reach and appeal of the liberty movement throughout the country by hosting a series of film schools that will help aspiring filmmakers produce and screen pro-liberty short films. These four 2-week workshops were held across the country and attracted more than 100 participants. Bikalpa hosted movie premieres after each training for a total of 660 attendees that included journalists, politicians, and other prominent leaders of each community.

Throughout the training, students learned how to take their movie ideas from script to screen while also learning more about the classical liberal ideas of property rights, free markets, and the power of the individual. The 16 short films that were produced focused on these ideas and how they can impact the government and society of Nepal. One of the projects showed how excessive regulations on individuals trying to do business can threaten their livelihoods, while another centered on the education system and lingering prejudices against women.

Bikalpa has posted all of the films to their pages on social media and their YouTube channel, where they have received thousands of views. A variety of media outlets throughout Nepal have also highlighted the workshops and films, including the national online paper Kantipur, Avass Television News, and the Nepal Times Online.

Bikalpa An Alternative received an Atlas Network grant in support of the film school program.