May 18, 2018 Print

Populism permeates Nepali politics. The press and media do not escape politicization, which has presented a significant challenge to providing news without a political bent. Atlas Network partner Bikalpa – An Alternative has launched a news outlet with the aim of creating an alternative discourse for Nepali citizens, known as Bikalpa Khabar.

“Bikalpa introduced an online news portal to promote the issues of individual & economic freedom and public policy issues, which will help to increase the visibility of Bikalpa and inform a larger audience about policy issues,” said Basanta Adhikari, founding chairperson of Bikalpa. “It will counter the populist news narratives and raise an alternative discourse to inform the public on the issues that affects their daily lives.”

In addition to countering illiberal populist narratives, Bikalpa Khabar will increase Bikalpa’s outreach to policymakers and stakeholders. Bikalpa Khabar is initially focusing on the local region surrounding Biratnagar but plans to eventually expand its presence across Nepal. The launch of the news portal also allows Bikalpa to publish its own material and provide an outlet for its partners and students. Bikalpa hopes to use this platform to introduce classical liberal values and market-driven solutions for Nepal.