January 30, 2019 Print

Of the many positive benefits of liberty (increased commerce, economic prosperity, and personal freedom, to name a few), peace is often overlooked. The principles of liberty provide the framework for equality and civility wherever they are applied. The Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) understands the importance of peace and on Jan. 27 officially released a translation of Peace, Love, & Liberty, written by Tom Palmer — executive vice president for international programs and George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty at Atlas Network —  in the Dari/Persian language in order to promote the positive impact these ideas can have.

The release took place in Kabul at an event hosted by AESLO which included the participation of well-known Afghan scholars, academics, students, and community leaders. Peace, Love, & Liberty makes the case that the classical ideas of freedom are the best way to preserve lasting peace and prosperity, a message that is much needed in Afghanistan today.

“As Afghanistan is suffering from war and conflict; translation and publication of this book are really important in the country, and we are really happy that by the generous support of our donor Atlas Network, we could successfully translate and publish this book in Afghanistan,” said Khalid Ramizy, executive director of AELSO. “On the translation of this book, we tried our best to translate it on the way which will be useful also for the people in Iran and all Persian speaking countries. AELSO is committed to continue its translation and publication of libertarian books in the national languages of Afghanistan and we are sure that these academic sources and books can bring peace, prosperity, tolerance, and liberty in Afghanistan.”

Mohammad Milad Sekandary, the translator of the book, echoed Ramizy’s praise for Dr. Palmer’s work, and its relevance to Afghanistan.

“It is a great honor for me that translation of Peace, Love, & Liberty book from English into Dari/Persian Language has been successfully finished and this book is published in Afghanistan,” Sekandary explained. “This book is an academic source about the promotion of peace and decline of war, and in the current situation, it addresses many challenges that Afghan society faces. This book has been written with deep analysis about promoting peace and opposing war with consideration of international relations, political science, history, law, sociology, psychology, and literature,”

AELSO is planning a variety of events and programs to be held throughout Afghanistan over the coming months where the ideas of Peace, Love, & Liberty can be explained and discussed by a variety of Afghan citizens.

Atlas Network has sponsored and produced translations of books by Dr. Palmer in a variety of languages. For more information about these translations and how they might be acquired please contact Kristina Crane.