January 17, 2019 Print

Estudiantes por la Libertad (EsLibertad) has distributed over 1,000 copies of After the Welfare State and Peace, Love, Liberty — edited by Atlas Network executive vice president for international programs and George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty, Dr. Tom Palmer — throughout Latin America in order to promote the ideas of personal and economic freedom. EsLibertad uses the Spanish translations of these books to further its mission to remove barriers to freedom and prosperity by empowering liberty-minded students through events, trainings, and educational opportunities.

In many Latin American nations, intrusive governments have created economic stagnation and impoverishment for their citizens. EsLibertad combats these challenges through lecture series and tabling events on university campuses in order to educate the next generation about the power of classical liberal principles. Dr. Palmer’s Peace, Love, and Liberty and After the Welfare State are digestible, comprehensive, and easy-to-read which made them ideal resources for EsLibertad.

“I’m happy to share with you that the 1,000 printed books have been distributed all over South America” Julio Clavijo, a representative for EsLibertad, told Atlas Network. “Your support during the whole project, allowed us to empower students all over the Spanish-speaking Americas with tools to fight back the enemies of Freedom.”

Five hundred copies of each book are being distributed at events in Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Argentina; both on campuses and at events like “LibertyCon” which will be held in Mexico City in February. In addition to their distribution at EsLibertad events, copies of each book have been donated to libraries throughout each country so that those outside the liberty movement can discover the case for classical liberal principles as well.

Atlas Network has produced translations of books by Dr. Palmer in a variety of languages. For more information about these translations and how they might be acquired please contact Kristina Crane.