October 31, 2017 Print

João Pedro, president of Instituto Atlantos, accepting the Smith Student Outreach Award at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner 2017.

The winner of the 2017 Smith Student Outreach Award is the Brazil-based Instituto Atlantos for its Atlantos Conference, which this year was titled “1917-2017: From the State Revolution to the Market Revolution" and used the Russian Revolution's 100th anniversary as a starting point to discuss how ideas and institutions evolved and changed since then.

“We see this award as a clear signal that our efforts are creating real results, impacting a huge number of people in our region,” said João Pedro, president of Instituto Atlantos. “Being recognized as such gives us an amazing motivation to keep working hard to promote liberty.”

This year’s conference was hosted in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on April 8-9, and attracted about 600 in-person attendees and 15,000 people through live streaming. As a result of the conference, Instituto Atlantos now has seven additional leaders who already promoted events on six new campuses.

“Atlantos Conference is the biggest event that we organize, and therefore the one that requires the most of our dedication,” continued Pedro. “It synthesizes our values, objectives, and our vision of how an event should be: two days of intense learning, with an multidisciplinary approach, and definitely a good place to meet friends of liberty. We always do our best to create an environment where the attendees are also a main part of the event — it’s a unique opportunity to have valuable exchanges of knowledge and networking.”

Launched in 2013, the Smith Student Outreach Award is an annual award recognizing the best student-focused project for liberty. The winning organization receives $3,000 and is selected from among current year grantees. The award is sponsored by the Smith Family Foundation.

The first winner was Estudantes pela Liberdade in Brazil. The 2014 winner was Association Multi (Bosnia and Herzegovina), for its projects that encourage students and young professionals to participate in the process of social change in the country. The 2015 winner was European Students for Liberty (ESFL), for its outstanding impact in outreach to students in Europe. The 2016 winner was the Center for Free Market Enterprise (CFME), for its impressive efforts in engaging students throughout Malawi in 2016 with its Free Society Initiative.

Special thanks to the Smith Family Foundation, John Templeton Foundation, Templeton Religion Trust, & the rest of our generous sponsors for making Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner possible.