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A new Atlas Network partner is championing the ideas of liberty through its Great Communicators Tournament, which features competitors making emotionally compelling arguments that highlight and advance the causes of human achievement, freedom, and empowerment. Think Freely Media, based in Washington, D.C., is partnering with Atlas Network, America’s Future Foundation, and the State Policy Network to develop pools of contestants who will advance to the tournament’s in-person rounds.

Can you help articulate the meaning of freedom without drowning it out with all the wonky facts and figures?

“The liberty movement lacks great communicators — people that penetrate and persuade effectively,” Think Freely Media explains. “For liberty to prevail on a sustained basis, we have to solve this problem or we’ll continue to win the battle of ideas, but lose the policy and political debates that decide electoral outcomes. Think Freely Media addresses this challenge by sponsoring the Great Communicators Tournament. An annual event, our goal is to identify, from within the liberty movement or beyond, and promote individuals who can effectively and persuasively discuss and defend the free market and the benefits of individual freedom.”

Please use this Atlas Network–specific link and APPLY HERE. The Tournament is open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia.

Atlas Network, America’s Future Foundation, and the State Policy Network will each accept video submissions to the contest. Each organization will then work with Think Freely Media to review all entries and select four contestants per organization to advance to the tournament’s in-person rounds. To be included in Atlas Network’s pool of contestants, applicants must use this Atlas Network–specific submission form.

The 12 total contestants advancing to the in-person rounds will be announced on Oct. 5. The in-person rounds will begin on Oct. 25, and the finals will be held on Oct. 26 at DC Improv at 6:30 p.m. The 2016 Great Communicator will win a $10,000 prize, 2nd place will receive $5,000, and 3rd place will receive $2,500.

Each contestant should submit a one- to three-minute video by 11:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 26. of themself making an emotionally compelling moral argument that takes a free market or pro-liberty position on a current public policy issue. The quality of the argument is more important than the quality of the video. The tournament judges will look for the strongest communicators who present a hopeful perspective, address issues of fairness or inequality, take the moral high ground, and put the opposing side on the defense.

“Many within the liberty movement have a detailed understanding of how personal liberty and free markets benefit humanity but the tendency is to communicate those benefits with a logical argument based on facts and figures,” said Eric Tubbs, president of Think Freely Media. “After all, to those of us who get it, it seems so obvious, so we spend a lot of time telling each other how frustrating it is when we see so many people who don't get it.”

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“At Think Freely Media, we recognize the critical importance of using emotionally compelling stories to reach the persuadable middle demographic that isn't typically ideological but often votes,” Tubbs said. “The Great Communicators Tournament is designed not only to find people who are skilled at connecting emotionally, but to help others within the movement recognize this tactic and incorporate it in their efforts to educate others on the benefits of liberty.”

Check out the contest questions online, along with the step-by-step guide to entering and some frequently asked questions.

Please use this Atlas Network–specific link and APPLY HERE.