June 24, 2014 Print

DoiMoi is on a mission to educate a new generation of Vietnamese students in the school of celebrated economists like Randall Holcombe. Every two months, DoiMoi.org and F-Group Research will hold a new seminar, branded as a series of “Reading Circles” for university students. The first topic was “Public Goods: The Choice Between Production and Distribution.” The students first looked at the essence of public goods from an orthodox economic viewpoint. Then they considered how these goods came to be viewed as essential services to be produced and provided by the government. Is there another economic model to provide “public” goods, other than the traditional government model? As a local case study, students discussed the public toilets provided and maintained by the government of Vietnam. They compared the local model to a public-use toilet system used in Mumbai, India, which relies on private management of these “public” goods. The students all agreed: public toilets were creating far too much waste. The theme for the next discussion will be "Role and Impact of Government Upon the Market." More information on DoiMoi and their reading circles can be found here (English translation available in Google Chrome).