March 15, 2018 Print, a project of the Cato Institute, has long published introductory-level books and e-books for those new to classical liberal ideas. These publications, ranging in topics from trade to the American Revolution, provide high-quality synopses of many of the ideas and events which have shaped the ideas of classical liberalism. And now, the Cato Institute is offering the opportunity to translate, print, distribute, and even sell their own editions of several Cato-published books — at no cost for reprint rights, provided that the editions must be published outside the United States in a language other than English.

"’s mission is help people understand what libertarianism is and why libertarians hold the beliefs we do,” said Aaron Ross Powell, director and editor of the website. “We strive to enable students of liberty to deepen their knowledge of libertarian theory, history and practice—and to equip them with tools that make the world a freer, wealthier, and safer place. We have published 13 books, covering economic, social, political, philosophical, legal, and historical topics. We are offering reprint and translation rights for free, as we want individuals in countries all around the world to have these resources available to them. We’re particularly happy to see our books used in classrooms and programs."

The list of books now available for publication and translation includes:

Also available are a number of e-books, audiobooks, and podcasts for free download. This publication policy will serve to significantly expand access to libertarian literature around the world.

Organizations seeking to print or translate any of the titles above should contact to receive contract information.