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Atlas Network’s Sound Money Project has frequently worked with economists like George Selgin and Lawrence White, who are well known for their work on free banking and monetary policy. Selgin, who began a position as the Cato Institute’s director of the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives in October, announced last week that his free banking blog had moved to the Cato Institute under a new name: Alt-M: Ideas for an Alternative Monetary Future.

“The central premise of Alt-M is that no amount of tinkering with the current monetary system can even begin to address the more serious dangers of existing arrangements,” Selgin wrote in his announcement letter. “Alt-M will make readers aware of the shortcomings of the Federal Reserve System and other conventional monetary arrangements. It will also encourage discussion of potentially superior alternatives, including free banking, commodity standards, strict monetary rules, currency boards, and cybercurrency.”

Originally established in 2011 at FreeBanking.org, the Alt-M blog already features an archive of nearly four years of content from Selgin, White, and other notable economists like Gerald O’Driscoll, Kevin Dowd, Walker Todd, and guest contributors. It has a new opportunity to grow even further with Cato Institute sponsorship.

“At Alt-M.org, we plan to have the best of both worlds–the energy and talent from a diverse group of experts coupled with all of the institutional advantages Cato has to help us broaden our reach to get the word out,” wrote Alt-M editor and director of the Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights Bradley Jansen. “In the freshly redesigned, navigation-friendly layout with easy social media sharing options, all of the blog posts by the freebanking.org team will be archived over on our new site, don’t worry. We see this as a win-win for everyone.”

Free-market economists Lawrence White and George Selgin participated in a panel discussion at the 2015 International Students for Liberty Conference with William Luther, hosted by Atlas Network’s Sound Money Project and moderated by Grants and Awards Program Associate Johannes Schmidt.

Visit the blog: Alt-M: Ideas for an Alternative Monetary Future.

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