October 13, 2017 Print

Cato Institute’s Libertarianism.org project has recently launched an online Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, which tightly weaves all of libertarianism’s diverse strands together into one comprehensive work and provides hundreds of succinct, originally written articles by some of the most widely recognized experts in the field.

"We are so excited about our latest addition to Libertarianism.org: The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism,” said Aaron Ross Powell, director and editor of Libertarianism.org. “In its free, interactive format, the Encyclopedia is accessible for anyone in the world to use. Covering historical events, key figures, and major ideas, the Encyclopedia is the definitive resource on libertarianism.”

In one searchable place, the Encyclopedia provides a commanding, point-by-point understanding of libertarianism and its history by illuminating a vast range of economic, social, political, philosophical, cultural, individual, legal, historical, and psychological subjects through libertarianism’s optics. 

Libertarian scholars have made, and continue to make, substantial contributions to fields as diverse as philosophy, law, economics, political theory, and history. The Encyclopedia provides an extensive, originally written history of libertarianism’s advancements in these fields, and contains many entries directly pertaining to libertarian leaders, thinkers, and libertarian-directed initiatives. Libertarianism.org is also home to free online, self-paced courses that include lectures and books from influential libertarian scholars.

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