January 27, 2015 Print

Venezuela is in a state of political and economic turmoil, but the nation’s politicians too often escape blame. To help Venezuelans understand how their political system creates economic disaster, Atlas Network partner CEDICE has created a short and accessible video asking, “How does public spending affect you?”

This video is an important tool in the Venezuelan battle for ideas because it addresses Venezuela’s economic crisis with facts in a way that is both fun and easy to understand. Through colorful animation, the video contrasts Venezuela in 1947, when it was the richest country in Latin America, to the Venezuela of today, which suffers from a 70 percent inflation rate, recession, a poverty rate of 27 percent, and vast insecurity. Noting that oil is selling at more than $100 per barrel, the video explains how populist spending practices are used in order to secure votes by political leadership.

Watch CEDICE’s video in its entirety.