September 7, 2014 Print

Barriers to freedom exist all over the world. Many seem permanent. But Atlas Network partners are working to tear down today’s “Berlin Walls” one by one.

In Venezuela, the ruling socialist regime is bleeding the life from this once-wealthy country. Its tactics are familiar: censoring the media, fostering class war, and constantly attacking private property rights.

As a result, Venezuela is seeing shortages in basic goods and runaway inflation that hurts the working class most. There have been more than 1,300 private companies expropriated by the Venezuelan Government. In 2014 alone, there have been 366 violations to freedom of expression in the media. 

But an opposition movement led by young people and students who want freedom has grown and will not be silenced. It receives its intellectual energy from Atlas Network partner, CEDICE, ranked in an independent study by the University of Pennsylvania as the most effective think tank in Latin America. 

When Venezuela’s Berlin Wall falls, CEDICE will receive well-deserved credit. 

Check out this video about today's Berlin Walls.