April 12, 2017 Print

Today marks the five-year anniversary of Atlas Leadership Academy (ALA) here at Atlas Network. Our movement is doing amazing things around the world, winning battles for freedom and making countless communities and entire countries better places to live and work, and it’s an honor to work alongside each of our partners in these ventures.

2012 ALA grads

In only five years, ALA has trained more than 3,480 champions of freedom from 127 countries across the globe — both online and on the ground in 70 countries. There have been 183 ALA graduates who earned a full 12 credits to complete their training. Together, our trainees have earned more than 10,300 credits, their organizations’ budgets have grown, their staff sizes have risen, and they’ve achieved real policy victories for their fellow citizens.

2014 ALA grads

To celebrate all of that hard work, today, anytime in your time zone, we’re asking our partners to post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram a photo or a few words about their experience with ALA. It can be a funny memory, something learned and implemented at an organization, or a story about a new friendship made at one of our trainings — we just want to hear about the memories over the past five years!

2015 ALA grads

Then we want our partners to TAG SOMEONE — pass along the challenge by tagging either an organization or an individual met through ALA, so they can share their experiences as well. The hashtag to use when posting is: #ALAfirst5

2016 ALA grads

Also be sure to check out the @atlasnetwork Instagram account throughout the day for memories shared by Atlas Leadership Academy Director Cindy Cerquitella!