October 29, 2018 Print

In conjunction with former-policy makers, industry-leaders, philanthropists, and prominent academics, the New Delhi-based Centre for Civil Society (CCS) launched its most ambitious project yet on October 23: The Indian School of Public Policy (ISPP). The Indian School of Public Policy will offer a year-long, Masters-equivalent program in Policy, Design, and Management and is founded as an institution committed to nurturing future policy leaders to improve governance in India. It will start with its first batch of 50 students in August of 2019.

CCS has successfully campaigned for policy reforms that promote individual choice and institutional accountability across education, business, and governance. Its CCS Academy has offered short-term certificate courses in public policy, as well as formal credit courses in leading universities in India. So far 8,000 students have graduated from its courses.

“ISPP is imagined as a 21st-century academic institution,” said Dr. Parth J. Shah, founder and president of CCS and member of the governing council of ISPP. “It will focus on excellence and deep specialization in public policy. It will be talent heavy and asset-light i.e. it will invest in students and source the very best faculty from around the world and avoid making heavy infrastructural investments. It is also the institutional successor to several years of public policy programs that our founding council have conceptualized and run in various forms in colleges and universities across the country. Across these programs, we have trained 8,000 students who have gone on to successful policy careers in India and the world.”

Video announcing the ISPP: “This is the time for Public Policy Education 2.0.”

ISPP seeks to fulfill the need for a home-grown, world-class program that prepares policy professionals of the future. Led by luminaries from India and abroad who were encouraged by their experience in engaging with policy issues for two decades, the school carries forward CCS’ experience of over 20 years of public policy programs.

ISPP also exists to help confront and reverse the “brain-drain” of young, committed public policy professionals who leave India to attend university in other countries. The institution will provide a much-needed, flagship public policy program in the country.

A panel on the "Need for a New Generation of Policy Professionals" at ISPP's launch event.

ISPP’s one-year program in public Policy, Design and Management, India’s first such program, will deliver the principles of sound public policy, the tools of effective policy design and analysis, and experiential learning to resonate with the distinctly Indian socio-political and economic landscape.

Dr. Shubhashis Gangopadhyay speaks in a panel at ISPP's launch event.

"The establishment of a new institute invariably affords tremendous scope and possibilities to its various stakeholders and that will certainly be the case at ISPP," said Dr. Shubhashis Gangopadhyay, research director of the India Development Foundation and member of ISPP's academic council. "Our mission and aim is to build a flourishing training and research platform and a vibrant community for talented and ambitious students, faculty and practitioners. The one-year program is designed as a Master's equivalent program for working professionals and recent graduates."

View the ISPP brochure.