November 5, 2015 Print

A primary reason that governments grow to enormous size is because of the prevailing intellectual climate. It is a common belief that governments should interfere in many aspects of life, regulating business, society, and individual lives. How do ideas like these come to be so widely accepted? Atlas Network partner Libertad y Progreso, based in Argentina, developed its “Crash Courses on Liberty” program to explain basic economic concepts that have complex implications.

In the recent fourth installment of the series, “Poverty: Real Liberation or Dependence,” Libertad y Progreso explains the causes of poverty, and shows how government action often exacerbates the problems that lead to poverty rather than solving them. The video shows that poverty is a circumstance rather than the essence of an individual. It can be overcome, but how? A fundamental key to wiping out poverty is creating a society that views the poor as talented individuals with skills to offer, rather than simply mouths to feed or bodies to shelter

In the previously released third installment of “Crash Courses on liberty,” Libertad y Progreso takes on the widely established misconception that governments create economic prosperity, explaining how government action instead delays prosperity through excessive taxation and public expenditure. The course makes it clear that in order to achieve economic prosperity, the state must shrink in size.

Established in 2014 after winning second place in Atlas Network’s Think Tank Shark Tank Competition, Libertad y Progreso’s “Crash Courses on Liberty” series has netted more than 925,000 views on YouTube to date.

Watch “Poverty: Liberation or Dependence” (video in Spanish).

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Watch “Republicanism Vs. Populism” (video in Spanish).

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