June 30, 2015 Print

In much of the world, child labor is still the norm rather than a rare exception, so children in developing nations have far fewer opportunities to gain an education that would allow them to pursue a better life. A new crowdfunding campaign to support the development of low-cost community schools aims to help solve this problem in Indonesia by serving low-income families without realistic educational opportunities.

The campaign, by Atlas Network partner Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), has a modest goal of only $10,000 that is earmarked for policy analysis about the state of community schools in Indonesia, advocacy efforts targeted at key policymakers, and training of new researchers and advocates who will take this push for low-cost educational options even further into Indonesian communities.

“Low-cost community schools are schools set up by community leaders and members to teach children from low-income families,” CIPS wrote in its campaign summar. “Community schools use curricula that give parents and teachers more influence, so that schools provide their child the type of education they feel is most needed for better opportunities. Students from low-cost community schools in Asia and Africa have even done better than their counterparts in government-run schools. Proving that quality education does not need to be expensive, and can be done.”

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