November 26, 2015 Print

Every year on Thanksgiving, most Americans take a moment to pause and reflect on the many reasons we have to be thankful — such as family, friends, health, and prosperity. No two people will share the same list, and people who face hardship may struggle to find the good in their lives, but the good is always there, waiting to be acknowledged and appreciated. Taking the time to give thanks on Thanksgiving is a good start, but it’s important to maintain a continual attitude of gratitude throughout the year, as the John Templeton Foundation explains in a new video and in the partnership project

“There is no greater tonic and perhaps no more potent tonic for our spirit than gratitude,” wrote Sir John Templeton. The foundation that bears his name has taken those words to heart, sponsoring a range of projects exploring the science and practice of gratitude:

“As we move closer to the Thanksgiving season, now becomes the ideal time to contemplate the power of gratitude,” the John Templeton Foundation wrote, concluding with these words from founder Sir John Templeton: “When we fill our minds with blessings and gratitude, an inner shift in consciousness can occur. As we focus on the abundance in our lives rather than on what we lack, a wonderful blueprint for the future begins to emerge.”