October 2, 2018 Print

A common weakness of public policy oriented groups is that they focus mostly on the development and publication of research, with no accompanying emphasis on bringing the meaning of that research to a wider audience.

Stories have always been the most effective way to communicate messages. Think tanks need to understand how to tell stories about their work in compelling ways. That’s where the Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty Program (LCL) comes in.

The deadline to apply for 2019’s Lights Camera Liberty Program is October 15 (though some flexibility is possible for late applications on a case by case basis). The year-long program will kick off with a conference will be in Los Angeles, California between March 21-24. Throughout the conference participants will learn how to convey the value of private property, free markets, and liberty through emotionally engaging narratives in various workshops and trainings.

The workshops and trainings cover topics like effective social media strategies, ways to improve marketing, and how to tell a compelling story. Attendees will learn these skills from successful, pro-liberty Hollywood story tellers like David Steinberg, director of the television series Mad About You and Designing Women, and Paul Guay, a Hollywood film producer and screenwriter who conceived and co-wrote the Jim Carrey movie Liar, Liar, and co-wrote The Little Rascals remake and Heartbreakers. After the conference participants will have opportunities for continued training and support throughout the next year.

LCL provides an intensive year-long bundle of programming — including financial support, one-on-one training, and group training — focused on taking communications efforts to a whole new level through the use of storytelling, emotion, and other key elements of narrative art.

Comments from past attendees:

“The Atlas Network's "Lights, Camera, Liberty" training is jam-packed with outstanding, creative, liberty-loving professionals who deliver equal parts inspiration and instruction in video production. From high-level concepts to the nuts and bolts of storytelling, the training amped-up our video game and will no doubt pay dividends for the Goldwater Institute.” - Goldwater Institute, Arizona

“[LCL] was incredibly empowering and helpful; was very useful in the basic blocking and tackling of using our equipment to its fullest capacity. This grant went a long way to increase our reach and capacity as a very small freedom shop.”- Palmetto Promise Institute, South Carolina (2016-17 class, 287% increase in video views)

“We have enhanced the general production quality of our videos, since we learned a lot about technical tips, such as sound, lightning and how to shoot better.” - CEDICE Libertad, Venezuela  (2016-17 class, 409% increase in video views)