October 13, 2017 Print

Today, Atlas Network launched our first major campaign website: AtlasNetwork.org/Poverty

The campaign is about one thing: ending poverty. And how we propose to do this is in stark contrast to the broken model of top-down, foreign aid. We believe that the end to poverty will come from locally grown solutions like removing barriers to entrepreneurship, embracing rule of law, and promoting property rights. And it's our partners who are doing this work to break down the barriers to prosperity and opportunity around the world. 

As part of the campaign we want the philanthropic community to take note and join us in our efforts. But that isn't all we're doing with this campaign. We are announcing a new round of grants for our partners doing this sort of work all over the world. 

This campaign will be a long-term ongoing effort, coming to life in many ways throughout our organization and communications. Much of this site was authored by Atlas Network’s COO Matt Warner and centers around the new finding from Atlas Network-supported research and the stories of impact from our partners.

And please, as always, share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.