June 29, 2018 Print

Future thought leaders and entrepreneurs must be equipped with essential economic knowledge and the ideas needed to direct change. Two Atlas Network partners, the KoLiber Association and the Mises Institute of Economic Education, run the “Economic Lessons for Youth” program in Poland. This year, the program reached over 5,400 students with their 6-lesson course on Austrian economics. It also partnered with Prosta Ekonomia (Simple Economics) in preparing video materials that supplemented each lesson.

“This result is a sharp increase in every crucial metric that we track and we're positive that we will be able to uphold this growth potential in upcoming years,” said Mikołaj Pisarski, president of Mises Institute of Economic Education.

This past school year, KoLiber and Mises Institute gave 855 individual lessons and visited 65 schools in 40 cities. Facilitators have trained over 100 teachers and volunteers, 77 of whom conducted at least one school lesson. KoLiber and Mises Institute estimate that they will reach nearly 8,000 students with more than 1,000 lessons for the next school year. This recent year also marks the first time former students volunteered to deliver lessons in their own schools.

Mises Institute and KoLiber visited more schools and cities than ever before in 2017/18.

"The best thing about this is seeing some of our former students again,” continued Pisarski. “These people who took part in our lessons four or five years ago now enroll in our program, go through the training, and return to their former schools passing the torch to their younger colleagues."

Economic Lessons for the Youth (LEM)'s motto is verba docent, exempla trahunt (words instruct, illustrations lead) and is borne out by the interactive nature of its lessons. Their courses now include 6 animated introductory videos available on their website and LEM team is planning to create 15–20 minute video summaries to send to students after each lesson.