May 27, 2020 Print

The Freedom Movement: Its Past, Present, and Future, a monograph authored by Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips that examines the evolution of global institutions that have developed to advance the classical liberal principles of individual liberty and free markets, has been translated into Spanish by Atlas Network’s Center for Latin America in conjunction with the Fundación para el Progreso, an Atlas Network partner in Santiago, Chile.

The Spanish language edition, El movimiento por la libertad: su pasado, presente, y futuro, was released in advance of Atlas Network’s Latin America Liberty Forum 2020 Online and includes a brief introduction by Nicolás Ibáñez Scott, Chairman of Fundación para el Progreso, and Roberto Salinas León, the director of the Center for Latin America.

“Sharing this important work with a Spanish-speaking audience will reinforce the immediacy and importance of the struggle for liberty throughout Latin America,” said Salinas. “We encourage our partners and those who are not affiliated with Atlas Network to use this monograph to demonstrate the weakness of anti-market forces and build a freer, more prosperous society that is based on the principles of individual liberty, property rights, limited government, and free markets that are secured by the rule of law.”

The Freedom Movement, which was published in January 2020, provides context for Atlas Network’s efforts to advance liberty for all through a network of allied organizations that promote individual freedom and are committed to identifying and removing barriers to human flourishing. Lips’ narrative provides context for Atlas Network’s efforts, looking at the current impact of liberty-oriented organizations around the world and assessing the movement’s strategy for impacting the future of freedom. He also addresses institutional critics who disagree with the movement’s goals, pointing out that Atlas Network educational programming is inclusive, independent, and exclusively focused on increasing human freedom.

El movimiento por la libertad: su pasado, presente, y futuro is available here. The Freedom Movement: Its Past, Present, and Future is available here.