March 8, 2016 Print

Franklin Cudjoe, founding president and CEO of IMANI.

Entrepreneurs can’t bring innovative ideas to market when countless regulatory hurdles stand in their way, but Ghana is taking practical steps to improve the country’s business climate with a four-year program titled “Business Enabling Environment Programme” (BEEP). To help guide this program, Franklin Cudjoe, founding president and CEO of Ghana-based Atlas Network partner IMANI Center for Policy and Education, has been appointed to the Users Committee of the Commercial Court of the Republic of Ghana.

“The United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), with a funding support of  £ 10 Million, is collaborating with the Judicial Service  of Ghana to implement the BEEP from 2015 to 2018,” IMANI reports. “The aim of this programme is to consolidate the gains made under the ‘Private Sector Development Strategy’. The four-year project is expected to support the Commercial Court in the efficient and effective adjudication of commercial cases which will consequently ensure a better business environment in Ghana.”

IMANI is one of the 16 independent partner organizations selected to participate in Atlas Network’s Leveraging Indices for Free Enterprise Policy Reform grant opportunity, designed to help think tanks measure their impact in tangible, real-world ways by tying their work to reputable international rankings or indices and then objectively assessing their results as they try to change specific indicators in those indices, directly related to policy reform.

“Franklin Cudjoe is noted to be a strong advocate of Private Sector reforms intended to facilitate the activities of businesses in Ghana,” IMANI continues. “Under his leadership, IMANI in collaboration with the Atlas Network is running a three-year project whose object is to proffer policy recommendations that make the process of starting a business and paying taxes in Ghana more friendly to local entrepreneurs.”