December 20, 2014 Print

Atlas Network is proud to announce that this past week Dr. Ignacio Munyo, director of Atlas Network partner the Center for Economy, Society, and Enterprise (ESE), was awarded the Raul Trajtenberg National Economics Award. This biannual award is presented to a Uruguayan economist under the age of 35 judged to be doing the most influential economic research. It aims to promote the importance of economic research and publication by domestic economics journals.

This year, Dr. Munyo’s research on criminality and the economy in Uruguay was deemed the winner by a notable group of professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Dr. Munyo has also completed an Atlas-sponsored project on the effects of Conditional Cash Transfers in Uruguay.

Dr. Munyo’s work has received a great deal of media attention, and is directly impacting public debate. We at Atlas Network are proud to count Uruguay’s brightest young economist as a partner, and wish him all of the best. To learn more about ESE and Dr. Munyo’s work, click here