June 1, 2015 Print

The fundamental ideas of a free society are easy to understand in accessible summary quotes and aphorisms, but those ideas are built on a foundation of more complex arguments that need to be digested in longer book-length formats. Since its inception nearly 70 years ago, Atlas Network partner the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) has been publishing and distributing classic works of liberty and free markets, and has lately focused on building a digital library of books that are freely accessible throughout the world for distribution and translation.

“Alongside teaching how markets work, FEE’s focus has always been on teaching why markets matter,” wrote Richard Lorenc, chief operating officer for FEE. “That is, how commercial exchange, unimpeded by capricious government intervention, permits people to interact in ways they might not choose were it not for the need to trade. FEE has consistently promoted the ideal of the free society and shown how arbitrary coercion, from any source, is fundamentally incompatible with it.”

FEE hopes that Atlas Network partners around the world will be interested in translating these books for audiences in new languages, especially a couple of the organization’s newest books: 99 Ways to Leave Leviathan by Max Borders and Jeffrey Tucker, and Rendering Unto Caesar: Was Jesus A Socialist? by Lawrence Reed.

The books are available for free, most of them in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, ePub (for iPad and Nook), and MOBI (for Kindle). They are also available to purchase for a small fee from Amazon and iTunes. All content on the Foundation for Economic Education website is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0, which allows anybody to copy, share, adapt, transform, translate, and use the content in any other way, as long as FEE is credited as the source. This is in keeping with a long tradition that dates back to the earliest days of FEE, when founder Leonard Read granted free reprint permission in every publication.

Anybody who wishes to translate one of these books into another language is welcome and encouraged to do so. When any new translations are available or posted online, please alert FEE at this address: translations@fee.org

Read 99 Ways to Leave Leviathan by Max Borders and Jeffrey Tucker.

Read Rendering Unto Caesar: Was Jesus A Socialist? by Lawrence Reed.

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