April 19, 2016 Print

The first annual Europe Liberty Forum, co-hosted by Atlas Network and the Institute of Economic Affairs, brings together think tanks from Europe to learn best practices, brainstorm on how to overcome shared challenges, and compete for the inaugural Europe Liberty Awards. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn from those on the front lines in the battle of ideas for freedom.

Europe Liberty Forum will feature representatives of leading European think tanks, as well as recent start-ups with big ambitions, who will share insights on an array of policy topics, including the United Kingdom’s looming EU referendum and the spread of populist and nationalist movements across the continent.

Attendees will have the chance to attend sessions based on three tracks:

  • Atlas Leadership Academy: Receive practical advice for advancing liberty successfully, and earn credit toward graduation from our Atlas Leadership Academy.
  • Big Ideas: Hear the perspectives of top freedom champions on important topics being addressed by Atlas Network partners.
  • Salon: Engage with distinguished speakers and expert teachers in informal settings.

The forum will also feature the annual IEA Hayek Lecture from economist George Selgin, and conclude with a gala dinner featuring the presentation of the Europe Liberty Awards and a keynote speech from Swedish author and economist Johan Norberg, who spoke at Atlas Network’s 2013 Freedom Dinner.

Topical sessions during the forum include the following:

  • Why do political debates fail to change minds?
  • Champagne ideas on a beer budget: How to do more with less
  • Economic policy in the Nordics: Dispelling Sandersian myths of social utopia
  • From start up to success: Think tank CEOs share lessons learned
  • How a video goes viral: A short film workshop
  • Workshops on fundraising and communication strategies led by experts in both fields