November 3, 2015 Print

Instilling a new generation with a solid appreciation for the ideas of liberty is a crucial strategy for achieving greater freedom and prosperity in the future. Every year, Atlas Network recognizes the best student-focused project for liberty with the $3,000 Smith Student Outreach Award. The 2015 winner is European Students for Liberty (ESFL), for its outstanding impact in outreach to students in Europe this year.

European Students for Liberty provides support to students in Europe, educating the next generation of leaders in the global liberty movement. The annual European Students for Liberty Conference (ESFLC) offers students the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and build strategies to advance liberty in Europe. From immigration to free trade, from the crisis in Ukraine to relationship between Islam and free markets, the 2015 conference presented a wide variety of talks from a free-market angle to the more than 500 participants from 43 countries that attended the fourth edition of ESFLC.

“The European Students for Liberty Conference has become the premier event for connecting European liberals with hundreds of other young people fighting for the ideas of economic and personal liberty in their own countries,” said Yael Ossowski, programs director for ESFL.

ESFL will be presented with the Smith Student Outreach Award at Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, held on Nov. 11–12 in New York City.