October 17, 2014 Print

Six European think tanks recently launched EPICENTER (the European Policy Information Center) in Brussels, Belgium.

EPICENTER is a new project aimed at providing “decision-makers with research and insight on a number of key economic issues,” developing free-market solutions to some of the European Union’s (EU) most daunting challenges. EPICENTER is politically independent and fully privately funded.

The six think tanks are the Institute of Economic Affairs (United Kingdon), Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania), Istitut Economique Molinari (France), Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy), Civismo (Spain) and Timbro (Sweden).

During a two-day conference in Brussels, EPICENTER hosted panel discussions in the European Parliament on key issues that will shape EU policy in the coming years. The sessions included talks on digital economy trade policy energy security and competition, financial regulation, free movement and welfare and public health.