July 17, 2014 Print

Republican Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence wants to give free taxpayer-funded Medicaid to a quarter million working-age, childless adults. And he wants people to believe that it isn’t ObamaCare. The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) is pushing back against and exposing the plan for what it is. Tarren Bragdon, The FGA’s CEO, said about the people of Indiana, “Hoosiers see that Governor Pence flip-flopped from anti-ObamaCare crusader to chief ObamaCare lobbyist. They are taking action to oppose his Medicaid welfare expansion scheme.” The FGA, an Atlas Network partner, has been leading an education campaign, summarized in this Forbes op-ed, to communicate the reality of Pence’s plan; and that reality is that the plan is structured and funded like any other open-ended government program. The FGA has also been leading a citizen outreach and action campaign that has included social media promotions, radio ads, and a petition. The results of the campaign were astounding: 427 public comments opposing the Medicaid expansion were submitted between May 20th and June 25th, and 2,119 phone calls were made to the governor’s office in opposition to his plan as well. This stands in strong contrast to the meager 79 comments made during the previous expansion. To learn more about the FGA’s efforts, click here.