August 7, 2017 Print

In today’s fight for freedom, courage and bravery to face opposition are job requirements. Leaders of free-market think tanks often face criticism ranging from unfriendly media to death threats. So how do today’s leaders remain committed to staying the course?

“Barry Goldwater hung a sign in his office that said, ‘Don't let the bastards get you down,’ said Darcy Olsen, who served as CEO of the Arizona-based Goldwater Institute for sixteen years before stepping down in 2017. “That always reminded me that I was in good company and to keep my sense of humor!”

In an upcoming webinar on August 24, Olsen will speak about how to lead while under tremendous pressure. Her brave leadership on tax reform in Arizona received intense backlash but she effectively weathered the storms and emerged stronger than ever. During this webinar, she will share her leadership and management know-how, bringing a wealth of experience to the table.

“I don't expect perfection of myself, or of others, I just expect to do the very best I can,” said Olsen. “As a leader, you need to be humble. I know from the outset that there will be failed battles, mistakes, and achievements that slip through my fingers. I accept that. I do the very best I can at every step, and then I take the next best step, no matter what.”

Olsen says that her teachers routinely sent her to the back of the classroom for talking too much. She is happy to now have a career where her inquisitive mind and communication skills can be fully appreciated.

“I'm looking forward to protecting the Constitutional rights of children in America and know that we will have the support of our freedom allies whose hearts extend not only to taxpayers and citizens, but to all, particularly the most vulnerable: children who have, through no fault of their own, become wards of the state,” said Olsen, about her future plans. “I have been fortunate to protect the ‘one’ many times through my own parenting; now it is time to protect the ‘many.’”

Click here to register for the webinar on August 24 at 10 a.m. ET. This webinar is open to anyone, and might be of special interest for anyone in leadership or interested in leadership positions.