August 16, 2019 Print

Atlas Network is excited to announce the finalists for the 2019 Africa Liberty Award, which will be awarded at Africa Liberty Forum in Nairobi, Kenya on August 22. The three finalists are Audace Institut Afrique in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), IMANI Center for Policy and Education in Ghana, and African Students for Liberty International in Kenya. The winner of the award, which is sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, will receive $7,000, and two finalists will each receive $1,500.

Audace Institut Afrique, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

“Liberating Rural Land’s Potential”

In Côte d’Ivoire, only 4% of landholdings are registered, which has led to conflicts due to poorly-defined property rights. AIA's project seeks to create village maps using advanced global positioning software (GPS) and establishing village land registers. The project also seeks to create a village land committee trained in the use of GPS and physical archiving, the issuance of credible customary rights and lease certificates, and the creation of a smartphone application to download models of customary ownership certificates and land lease agreements. By stressing private ownership rights and creating a system to document this, AIA hopes to help landowners in Côte d’Ivoire benefit from this important capital asset. 

“We started with an idea and a simple GPS. Today our land program is recognized nationally in Côte d'Ivoire and in this prestigious Africa Liberty forum. This is a wonderful sign of hope for property rights in Africa and a huge encouragement for our small team that builds freedom with passion on a daily basis.” -Gisèle Dutheuil, Founding Member and Director. 

IMANI Center for Policy and Education, Ghana

“Doing Business Reform Campaigns Impacts Government's 10-Point Reform Agenda”

IMANI seeks to increase the productivity and profitability of enterprises in Ghana through the adoption of policy reforms that will improve Ghana’s business environment. The target reforms are in the area of enforcing contracts, reducing time and cost of importing and exporting, and reducing the burden of tax on businesses. Further, the reforms will improve Ghana’s ranking on the World Bank Doing Business index, which will strengthen the investment environment in Ghana and support local industrialization efforts.

"For us at IMANI, this recognition by Atlas and the Templeton Foundation underscores the need to constantly keep the flame of liberty alive by nudging governments on the continent with reasonable arguments backed by evidence, and that there are rewards to imbibing the entrepreneurial habits of highly effective countries and people."- Franklin Cudjoe, President and CEO. 

African Students for Liberty International, Kenya

“The Principles of Free Markets Colloquial Nigeria 2018”

African Students For Liberty trained a total of 90 fellows from the northeast region of Nigeria on free markets. The goal of the lessons was to help motivate fellow youth from the region to pursue entrepreneurship rather than joining the terrorist organization, Boko Haram. These fellows were part of two programs: the “North East Intellectual Entrepreneurship Fellowship” and the “North East Social Innovation Fellowship,” both of which included a 5-day in-person training as well as online instruction courses on liberty in Africa and freedom of expression. 

“We at African SFL are excited to have been selected as finalists in the Atlas Africa Liberty Awards. This brings a lot more visibility to our work promoting liberty in Africa. We appreciate this recognition.” -Olumayowa Okediran, Director of International Programs.