June 21, 2019 Print

Atlas Network is excited to announce the finalists for the 2019 Latin America Liberty Award, which will be awarded at Latin America Liberty Forum in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on June 27. The winner will receive $7,000 and the two finalists will each receive $1,500. The three finalists are Students for Liberty Brasil (SFLB, Brazil), Fundación Eleutera (Honduras), and Asociación de Contribuyentes (Peru).

Students for Liberty Brasil, Brazil

“Students For Liberty Brazil (SFLB)’s Coordinators Program”

The Coordinator Program forms the base of Students For Liberty Brasil, empowering the next generation of leaders through training. Coordinator Program graduates continue on to impact politics, journalism, business, government, and other areas with libertarian principles.

“Since the last Latin America Liberty Forum, at which Students For Liberty Brasil won the Smith Student Outreach Award, our work was intensified to create a better environment for liberty in Brasil,” noted André Freo, Brazilian programs director at SFLB. “Since then, for instance, over 18,000 people attended our events and over 1,200 young students were trained on the ideas of liberty. From these, some were elected, others are now working at the federal government or even starting their own business. Therefore, being a finalist in 2019 at the Latin America Liberty Award means a lot; it’s the recognition of our daily work in Brazil and I couldn’t be prouder of our amazing team and volunteers!”

Fundación Eléutera, Honduras

“Strengthening the Rule of Law for a Stable and Growing Economy in Honduras”

Fundación Eléutera promotes ideas of freedom through their media and outreach programs. They contributed 15 proposals to a new Tax Code which benefited over 2,200,000 taxpayers in Honduras. The foundation has also worked on reforming the Education Laws in Honduras and supported entrepreneurship by working with local governments to make it easier to register a small business.

"Being a finalist for an Atlas Network award is the most important validation for our organization,” explained Guillermo Peña Panting, Fundación Eléutera’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. “It tells us the work done by everyone at Fundación Eléutera transcends the Honduran borders (and it) gives us the energy to tackle even bigger problems."

Asociación de Contribuyentes del Perú, Peru

“Peruvian Heroes: Liberating Small Enterprises in Peru”

By promoting public policies based on responsible liberty, open markets, and a subsidiary role of the state, the Asociación de Contribuyentes exposes injustice in Peru’s tax system and works toward reform. On March 21, the organization launched the first Peruvian Tax Calculator, providing information to over 3,000 users. This year, reform efforts have centered around the energy and mining sectors. The goal of these proposals is to promote government transparency in order to ensure that unnecessary laws are not stifling these sectors.

"Being a finalist for the 2019 Latin America Liberty Award confirms that all the reforms and changes we've been through were accurate, and highlights the great commitment and effort of every single person at the organization,” said José Ignacio Beteta, president of Asociación de Contribuyentes.