September 13, 2018 Print

The Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies (ECPPS) has released the first in a series of engaging videos designed to inform and persuade Egyptian citizens and viewers from all over the world about the power of free markets. The video displays beautiful cinematography and explains the practical and moral value of market-based economies built on private property.

“Countries with an open and free economy, like the Netherlands, tend to be the most developed countries in the world,” explains Dutch Parliament member Hayke Veldman in the video

The video was produced and released by ECPPS but involves collaboration from six different think tanks from around the world with portions of the video narrated by economic experts from these organizations, including Atlas Network’s executive vice president for international programs and George M. Yeager Chair for Advancing Liberty, Dr. Tom G. Palmer

The first in ECPPS’ Free Market video series.

“It [a country of thriving individuals] starts with well defined, legally secure, and freely transferable property,” says Palmer. “Property doesn’t only mean land or material objects, but also our labor — our right to control our lives.”

While the first episode focuses on the free market, future episodes will cover a variety of other topics connected to the liberal tradition. 

“The Free Market Series is an education/outreach series of video episodes,” said Ahmed Aboueldahab, head of the advocacy & outreach unit at ECPPS, in a release statement. “Each episode will discuss one of the economic issues or topics from a liberal perspective as well as educating individuals about the free market economy.”

ECPPS has also recently been announced as a finalist for the 2018 Templeton Freedom Award for its “Better Budget for a Better Egypt” project. The winner will be announced on-stage at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner in New York City.

A forthcoming case study on ECPPS’ recent Economic Freedom Audit, held in collaboration with the Fraser Institute and supported by Atlas Network, will soon be published on our website. Stay tuned!