June 23, 2014 Print

Earlier this month, Dora de Ampuero, founder and director of the Ecuadorian Institute for Political Economy (IEEP), was honored with the Orrantia González Civic Decoration at the historic 125-year anniversary celebration of Guayaquil’s Chamber of Commerce (GCC). Ampuero, a long time friend and partner of the Atlas Network, was recognized for her long time commitment to advancing market freedom in Ecuador. Dora de Ampuero is perhaps best known for her tireless work in helping Ecuador through the process of dollarization in the year 2000. According to her biographical page, through her work at IEEP, she was instrumental in “training and hosting seminars for businesses and individuals to understand the change in currency.” IEEP was founded in 1991 with the stated mission of analyzing public policies and advancing the cause of liberty in Ecuador. It is privately funded through voluntary donations from individuals, companies and foundations and is a member of the Atlas Network and The Liberal Network for Latin America (RELIAL). It was awarded a Templeton Freedom Award for Institute Excellence in 2004. The Atlas Network would like to congratulate Mrs. Ampuero on her most recent award; it is the tireless work of partners like her that bring us ever closer to a just and free world. To read more about the Ecuadorian Institute for Political Economy, click here.