May 16, 2016 Print

Throughout the world, the ideas of liberty are taking hold in new places and through new organizations and channels of communication. Some of the most important arguments for a more free and just society, however, are simply unavailable in the native languages of the countless countries where Atlas Network partners operate. That’s why the Cato Institute is offering the opportunity to translate, print, distribute, and even sell their own editions of several Cato-published books — at no cost for reprint rights, provided that the editions must be published outside the United States in a language other than English.

Many of Cato’s acclaimed books are only published in English right now, and distributed primarily in the United States, so the Cato Institute sees this as a superb opportunity to share its wealth of resources, research, and policy perspectives to scholars, policy professionals, educators, and interested citizens through the respected publishing work of other think tanks and non-profit organizations across the globe.

The books included in the Cato Institute’s free translation and publication offer are:

Additional details of the translation and publication agreement can be found in the book contract provided by the Cato Institute to all international Atlas Network partners that are interested in translating and publishing these works in a language other than English. Partners with any further questions should contact Casey Pifer, Atlas Network's Institute Relations and Programs Manager: