May 2, 2018 Print

The late Milton Friedman (1912-2006) is one of the modern era’s most influential libertarian thinkers. The 1976 Nobel Prize in Economics winner brought the ideas of classical liberalism to a massive new audience with television shows like Free to Choose, which aired on public television across the United States beginning in 1980. Until recently, however, the works of Friedman were available only to those who spoke English. A new project by the Institut Coppet in France aims to change that.

With an estimated 220 million speakers around the world, with many in developing regions like sub-Saharan Africa, French is one of the most spoken languages worldwide. Institut Coppet, an Atlas Network partner in Marcq-en-Barœul, France, is midway through its project to translate and subtitle the ten episodes of Free to Choose (1980).

“The Free to Choose video series by Milton Friedman has introduced a very large number of people around the world to the ideas of free markets and a free society,” said Benoît Malbranque, president of Intitut Coppet. “I myself only became passionate and involved in the defense of classical liberalism when, at age 17 and still in high school, I came across those videos on YouTube. Seeing that many of the leaders of the classical liberal movement in France have walked the same path and were urging for its translation to French, the Institut Coppet has accomplished a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance the complete translation, synchronization, and video editing of the series in professional quality.”

Free to Choose (1980) – What’s Wrong with Our Schools? (Vol. 06)

Out of the series’ ten episodes, the first six fully subtitled segments of Free to Choose are now available for free on YouTube. The topics focused on by the series include the welfare state, education, consumer protection, inflation, and workers’ rights. The series also included guest lectures and debates by economists, politicians, and businessmen of all manner of ideologies, including Thomas Sowell, Jagdish Bhagwati, Donald Rumsfeld, and Samuel Bowles.

“The Free to Choose series is already getting the most views on our YouTube channel, and we have so far received a great response from viewers,” continued Malbranque. “Dr. Friedman is an authority in his field and has the capacity to present a clear and convincing picture of classical liberalism. This is of particular importance given the widespread prejudices against classical liberalism and the potential audience of more than 200 million French speakers around the globe that we can reach.”

The remainder of the series will be released steadily through June 2018, and all of the episodes are free to watch.